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Hygiene increase in merchandising and retail

Health hazards associated with food can also be found in retailers who offer food for sale unpackaged or who process at the customer’s request. Sales areas and counters, buffet areas, seating areas, refrigerators and showcases such as sanitary areas provide plenty of ground for contamination, especially as they are also frequented by a large number of people. As a result of this, everyone is also exposed to very high levels of bacterial load, and it is not uncommon for staffing bottlenecks to be caused by sick leave. With our patented, antibacterial and antiviral TitanCare TT ®Nano coating and innovative LED lighting solutions you create for your customers as well as for your employees germ-redu

ced conditions for a healthier work and recreation environment.

Advantages of our TitanCare® Nano coatings

  • Green material, 100% non-toxic
  • Reduction of sanitary and hygienic germs, i.a. also Salmonella and Listeria
  • Long-lasting and homogeneous base disinfection
  • Supports the implementation of the HACCP principles and the EU hygiene package

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Areas of applications

  • Protective coating of work, storage and sales areas
  • Protective coating of portioning, cutting and packaging machines
  • Protective coating of showcases and cooling equipment
  • Protective coating of facilities in the self-service restaurant
  • Illumination of counters, sales containers and showcases
  • Lighting of storage and cold storage rooms
  • Lighting of facilities in the self-service restaurant

Solutions for merchandising and retail

Our aim is to complete your standard hygiene regulations and disinfection guidelines and to create a comprehensive, long-lasting basic disinfection or germ-reduced environment for both your guests and your employees.

  • TitanCare® TT Nano coating for ceilings, walls and inventory to reduce biofilm and pathogens
  • TitanCare® PO selective Nano coating for the reduction of mildew and mold
  • TitanCare® TT coated active and passive air cleaning lights, available in more than 1500 designs, from modern to rustic
  • Leuchten mit integrierter Luftreinigung

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