Office and Public Space

Creating a professional and health-optimized environment

Best safety for employees, customers and partners

In offices and public areas, a large number of people meet in confined spaces, which has a high potential for the spread of bacterial infections. It should be a primary goal to provide the employees and customers with the most professional and health-optimized environment possible. With our antibacterial and antiviral TitanCare® TT Nano-coating it is possible to reduce the continuous increasing number of staff outages caused by illnesses, which are also transmitted by contagion at the workplace. Sick leave is problematic for any business, as it not only creates unpleasant staff shortages, but also often leads to negative (nation) economic repercussions.

Our TitanCare® TT Nano-coating provides additional, long-lasting protection to reduce exposure to pathogens, significantly reducing the risks of infection.

The most important distinguishing feature of the patented TitanCare® TT Nano-coating compared to conventional disinfection measures is that it is long-lasting and permanently reduces pathogens such as TVOCs (including formaldehyde).

The operation mode of TitanCare® TT is approved by internationally recognized accreditation bodies, such as Ofi, MICROBAC, SGS tested as registered, but also approved by the US FDA, as it is classified as non-toxic.


Advantages of our TitanCare® TT Nanocoating

  • Reduce the risk of infection in offices and public spaces
  • full coverage and long-lasting basic disinfection
  • Wipe and cover disinfection for optimal germ reduction
  • completely non-toxic, adheres to all surfaces

Passing by leading certification bodies


Improved and high quality working and living environment through long-lasting basic disinfection with TitanCare® TT coating protects against harmful contagion in:

  • Offices, administrative buildings
  • Municipal facilities
  • Offices, social rooms
  • Event Centers
  • Kindergartens, schools
  • Libraries, universities
  • Railway stations, airports
  • Public transportation

Solutions for offices and public spaces

Our aim is to create a health-friendly environment in places with a high interaction of people through an all-area covering, long-lasting basic disinfection and germ-reduced environment, for visitors, employees, customers and parties alike.

• TitanCare® TT Nano coating in rooms for ceilings, walls and inventory to reduce pathogens

• TitanCare® TT Nano coating in public transport, e.g. of seats, hand grips and doors, wall coverings

• TitanCare® TT coated active and passive air cleaning lights, available in more than 1500 designs, from modern to rustic

  • Leuchten mit integrierter Luftreinigung

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