OEM coating applications


Joint product development for innovative surfaces

For producers of components made of glass, wood, ceramics, plastics, metal, for service companies of coating technology but also for manufacturers of high-quality equipment and machines, we offer various materials for surface protection and finishing. Our patented TitanCare® based products offer antibacterial and antiviral properties, protection against corrosion and mildew, formaldehyde and TVOC reduction as well as dirt and water repellent.

TitanCare® Nano coatings, applied by spraying or dipping, provide a proven reduction of pathogenic stress, soiling and corrosion, are self-cleaning, water-repellent and odour-inhibiting.

Advantages of our Nano coating

  • permanent as well as resistant surface protection (up to hardness 7H)
  • increased efficiency of glass and solar panels
  • reduced cleaning and maintenance costs
  • project-related product development for innovative end products in selective application areas

Ratification by leading certification authoroties

Areas of application

  • Glass & window production: Reduction of Environmental Pollution
  • Solar panels: increase efficiency by increasing transmission and reducing reflection
  • Refinery and tank facilities: supporting corrosion protection for outdoor facilities
  • Wood industry: Degradation of formaldehydes into particle boards
  • Light and medical products: protective coating for the reduction of microbial contamination

ATP-Test of our TitanCare® TT Technology

Test series over 3 months in a hospital

The test method determines the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from cells. On the basis of samples, possible microbiological contaminants can be detected. The data obtained serve the quality control of products and processes.

Proven reduction of microorganism exposure over 3 months (91 days).

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