Healthcare and Medical

Protect your patients and employees with patented Nano-Shield-Technology

Long lasting protection for patients and employees

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has collected data from 30 European countries with more than 500 million inhabitants. In Germany alone, around 500,000 people yearly contract a hospital infection, and thousands of them die of it. In Berlin, 2518 hospital-acquired infections have been documented since 2009, 534 patients died as a result.

Multi-resistant germs are the root cause, which despite increasing hygiene standards have become an increasing problem.

TitanCare® TT Nano coatings reduce sustained and long-term exposure to viruses and bacteria (MRSA, MRGN) in the field of medical and preventive health applications and are the perfect complement to your disinfection and hygiene measures.

Advantages of our Nano coating

  • Additional protection for patients and staff before and after operations
  • Optimum supplement for hygiene and disinfection plans
  • Full-coverage and long-lasting basic disinfection
  • Wipe and cover disinfection outside the hygiene plans

Ratification by leading certification authoroties

Areas of application

  • Hospital: additional protection for patients and staff before and after operations
  • Rehabilitation: Bacterial and virus-free environment for immunocompromised patients
  • Nursing home: protection for older people with weakened immune systems as well as for the staff
  • Doctor’s office, ordination: reducing the risk of infection for patients and staff in treatment, reception and waiting rooms
  • Laboratory: perfect measurement results excluding contamination by creating a germ-free environment

Solutions for medical applications

Our endeavor is to complement current hygiene regulations and disinfection guidelines and to create a nationwide long-lasting basic disinfection or germ-reducing environment.

  • TitanCare® Nano coatings for ceilings, walls and equipment
  • TitanCare® coated luminaires with active and passive air cleaning
  • TitanCare® coated workwear and face masks
  • TitanCare® Liquid Spray for long-term hand disinfection

ATP-Test of our TitanCare® TT Technology

Test series over 3 months in a hospital

The test method determines the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from cells. On the basis of samples, possible microbiological contaminants can be detected. The data obtained serve the quality control of products and processes.

Proven reduction of microorganism exposure over 3 months (91 days).

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