Gastronomy and Hotels


Hygiene is of utmost importance in the hospitality market, because pathogens don’t take holidays


Kitchens, buffet areas, guest rooms and sanitary facilities provide plenty of nutrients for contaminations and require a permanent basic disinfection. The leisure sector is also becoming increasingly important in the hotel industry, as the range of wellness facilities is constantly expanding. For a long time already shows that guests in their well-deserved vacation suddenly become sick, because the immune system is due to the relaxation then most vulnerable.

As a consequence of this, the stuff is exposed to very high level of stress, and it is not uncommon for staff bottlenecks, caused by sick leave. With our patented, antibacterial and antiviral TitanCare TT® Nano coatings and innovative LED lighting solutions you create for your guests as well as for your employees germ-reduced conditions for a healthier work and recreation environment.

Advantages of our TitanCare® Nano coatings

  • Support of the EU hygiene package as well as the HACCP hygiene guidelines
  • Full-coverage and long-lasting 24/7 basic disinfection
  • Reduction of pathogenic strains with up to 99.9998% effectiveness
  • minimizing mold growth

Ratification by leading certification authoroties

Areas of our TitanCare® Nano coatings

  • Bar: minimizes germs and mildew on coffee and beverage vending machines, counters
  • Hotel: reduces sanitary and hygienic germs in rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, SPAs, event and seminar rooms
  • Restaurant: reduces microbial contamination in buffet and kitchen areas, storage rooms
  • Wellness: reduction of pathogens and mold in indoor pools, saunas, treatment and relaxation rooms

Solutions for the gastronomy and hotel industry

Our aim is to supplement existing hygiene regulations and disinfection guidelines and to create an entirely – all areas protection cover, long-lasting basic disinfection and germ-reduced environment for both your guests and your employees.

  • TitanCare® TT Nano coating for ceilings, walls and inventory to reduce pathogens
  • TitanCare® PO Nano coating selective for the reduction of mildew
  • TitanCare® TT coated luminaires with active and passive air purification in more than 1500 designs, rustic to modern

ATP-Test of our TitanCare® TT Technology

Test series over 3 months in a hospital

The test method determines the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from cells. On the basis of samples, possible microbiological contaminants can be detected. The data obtained serve the quality control of products and processes.

Proven reduction of microorganism exposure over 3 months (91 days).

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