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The fight against MRSA and MRGN represents one of the greatest challenges of the century

The fight against MRSA (Multiresidente Germs) poses one of the biggest challenges of the century for healthcare worldwide. The threat to humanity from this was therefore also addressed at the last G10 summit.

Multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacteria (MRGN) have been on the increase in recent years. Among the most important pathogens in the MRGN include enterobacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii.

With our products and system, we are able to drastically reduce the burden of these bacteria and viruses on patients and employees (worker protection) and thus reduce public spending on MRSA/MRGN control. Of course, this also applies to the entire public sector such as educational institutions, public transport (bus, train, metro, aircraft) and other public buildings.

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Scutum Nano Solutions is a group of companies dedicated to the commercialization and application of highly innovative products and services based on a patented titanium dioxide-based nanotechnology coating material.

The management team of Scutum Nano Solutions Europe consists of experienced managers with proven technical expertise and an international background.

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TitanCare® consists of titanium nanoparticles attached to silver nanoparticles. Both substances have antibacterial and germicidal properties. This composition allows the substance to dissolve in water, therefore no further binding, adhesive or solvent is required. By using water as carrier material, TitanCare® is non-toxic and easy to handle. Different coating systems, such as dipping, spraying, etc. are therefore suitable for the application of the material.
The combination of the two nanoparticles allows a wide range of applications, since the coated surface exhibits both antibacterial and antiviral effects under the influence of light as well as under light.

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We know the challenges of our customers and, in addition to our patented technology, we offer the know-how and the service for sustainable hygiene solutions.

Karl KadieraCEO, Scutum Nano Solutions Europe