Sustainable hygiene solutions through patented antimicrobial technology with TitanCare® Nano coatings and innovative TitanCare® coated lighting systems

TitanCare® is the only patented nanotechnology with a highly efficient photocatalytic effect with up to 99.9998% effectiveness against bacteria, formaldehyde, mold and viruses (MRSA & MRGN).
TitanCare® TT coatings are up to 1000 times more efficient than previous technologies available on the market. This technology makes it possible to provide antiviral, antibacterial, mold-reducing and TVOC degrading processes under visible light as well as under light exclusion without the use of artificial UV light. Unique patented on the world market, on 98.5% water-based TIO2 and nanosilver product, and thus non-toxic and 100% environmentally friendly.

With our patented, registered and recognized TitanCare® technology, proofed and tested by world renowned certification authorothies, our Nano coatings and TitanCare® coated lighting systems set exceptional hygiene standards in all areas of work and life. Our clear goal is to create a healthier living and working environment and to offer holistic solutions to people with a diminished immune system.

TitanCare® Nano coatings are available in various material compositions, for indoor and outdoor applications, to protect against corrosion and mildew, as well as for water and air purification. Our coatings also reduce surface contamination, are self-cleaning, water-repellent and odor-inhibiting, reducing cleaning and maintenance

TitanCare® Nano coatings are applied by spraying or dipping and adhere to various surfaces such as glass, metals and various alloys, copper and stainless steel, marble and stone slabs, ceramics and tiles, textiles and plastics.

Ratified by leading certification authoroties:

Long-lasting protection against bacteria and viruses

The goal of our many years of research was the development of an antibacterial and antiviral nanocoating that ensures long-term protection without having to radically change the usual working and living environment.

Our products have been certified, approved and awarded internationally by internationally recognized laboratories and testing centers.